Our Cryptocurrency

The RHP Token

Rhamos Properties (RHP) aims to build a metaverse of decentralized system  based on NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) real estate on the Blockchain. The RHP token is created to allow the total or partial acquisition of physical properties, tokenized or not, and in NFTs that are owned by Realchain, S.A. and or marketed by it.

The RHP token is an utility token and  it can  be used as a means of exchange and negotiation  for shares of the Realchain, S.A. When used as a means of negotiation, a share of the company should never be exchanged for a value lower than 1000 RHP.

How it Works

RHP is a utility token from Realchain, S.A. and it can used in the following ways:

Currency trading

Holders can use RHP tokens to make payments and purchase physical or NFT real estate from the company.

Boost sale

Holders can use tokens to purchase any company property at 3% below the advertised market value.

Increased value

We will do our best to keep up with the value of the RHP Market Cap, with physical real estate offerings, increasing scarcity.

What sets us apart?


Our cryptocurrency is based on the company's shares and properties


Our strategy is to generate enough real estate business so that the currency does fluctuate too much


We are working to make RHP the preferred cryptocurrency for real estate transactions in the world

Our Skills

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